Citra Style Model Casting Contest

February 26, 2014

Greetings from Citra Style - the world’s premier online store for modest Muslim, and stylish fashion designs.

We are extremely thrilled to write to you, in connection to our upcoming Citra Style Model Casting Contest for the Face of our Summer collection of modest Muslim fashion line, with none other than the beautiful modest fashion model-blogger YazTheSpaz and our beloved Lisa Vogl-Hamid as the official campaign photographer.

This contest will be propagated utilizing the medium of social media - in particular Facebook contest app. ( and will be promoted extensively to the Muslim fashionistas across the world. The Facebook contest page is where participants can upload their image to register for the competition, and our fans can vote for their top 7 finalists, who will then enter the final round.

These 7 finalists will then be evaluated by our panel, that consists of the founding editor-in-chief and publisher of Azizah magazine, Tayibbah Taylor, Alia Khan, Director of the Islamic Fashion Design Council, as well as myself, who will select the exclusive Face of Citra Style for our Summer collection alongside YazTheSpaz. 

This contest is an exclusive one-of-a-kind, and a great opportunity for all modern Muslim, modest fashionistas who wish to take their sartorial flair up that notch and be fantastically showcased in the upcoming Muslim modest fashion scene. 

Besides being nominated for the face of Summer Collection of Citra Style, the winner will receive super-exciting prizes that includes: Return ticket to Dubai, and a 7 days local hotel stay at a 4+ star property, as well as an exciting photo-shoot with none other than Lisa Vogl-Hamid as the photographer! 

We are absolutely excited about our model casting campaign and we’d really appreciate your support in taking this to a deserving proportion. 

Registrations open from March 3rd, 6am EST until March 31st, 9am EST. Public voting for the 7 finalists starts March 31st, 10am EST until April 13th, 8pm EST 

The winner will then be announced on April 20th via Citra Style’s social media platforms.

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Terms and Conditions:

1.Participants must be between 18-30 year old Muslim women wearing the hijab. 

2.Any photo that does not show a full-body shot of a covered Muslim woman of mentioned measures, is digitally manipulated, or is in any way considered inappropriate, will be disqualified. All images will be reviewed by Citra Style. Any obscene or offensive images will be deleted, and the contestant will not be allowed to re-enter the contest. 

3.All contestants may submit one entry, and each entry is to have only one contestant. Teams, partners, or groups of people in any number may not submit a picture together. 

4.All submitted photographs must be taken with a digital camera, camera phone, or other picture-taking device, which allows voters to clearly see the image. Blurred, photo-shopped, unclear, or otherwise edited images will not be accepted. 

5.Any submissions must be received between March 3rd, 6:00AM EST and March 31st, 9:00AM EST through this contest link.

6.All timelines must be met, and it is recommended that you submit as early as possible to avoid missing any deadlines. 

7.Voting for the top 7 entries will open from 10:00 AM EST March 31st 2014 to 8:00 PM EST April 13th 2014.

8.Each voter may vote on a single image one time per day. If it is suspected that a voter has made multiple accounts in order to vote on more than one image, or more than one time a day, the contestant will be notified and the corresponding votes will not be taken into account when determining the top 7 finalists.

9.In order to vote, you must be fan of our Facebook Page 

10.Votes cannot be cast in any other way than through the voting tool on the contest page. You cannot call in, email, or post on Facebook, to cast your vote. Any voting attempts made in these ways will not be taken into account. 

11.The final winner will be chosen from the top 7 finalists by the Citra Style model casting panel, consisting of Tayyibah Taylor (Founder of Azizah Magazine, Alia Khan (Director of the Islamic Fashion Design Council) and Habibah Chbib (Co-Founder of Citra Style) and announced on Citra Style social media channels by April 20th 2014.

12.Citra Style has the right to use any submitted image within other areas of the marketing and communications, including, but not limited to: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram, print and direct mailing, email marketing, and electronic brochures. Any comments, testimonials, and posts made on the contest page can also be used for these purposes. If you do not wish for your content to be used by Citra Style, you cannot participate. 

13.The final winner will receive the following prize: 

a.Return ticket (economy) to Dubai, UAE - (May 2nd 2014 to May 9th 2014) dates cannot be changed. Please ensure to be available during that time period, another contestant of the top 7 will take place, should you not be. 

b.6 nights hotel stay in a 4+ star local property 

c.As the new 'face' of Citra Style, winners will participate as the model for the lookbook shoot (photography & video) taking place during that week, styled with Citra Style fashion, according to Citra Style management requirements 

d.Models will be requested to sign a model booking agreement that defines usage rights of photography and videography as per Citra Style requirements. 

e.Shoot will be conducted in Dubai and take 3-4 days in total, whereas 3-4 days are for leisure 

f.Winners will be allowed to keep high-res copies of the images taken for personal use 

g.Expenses will be paid during the duration of the shoot (9am to 8pm on all shooting days), not for leisure time periods 

14.Check back regularly to keep up to date on submissions, finalists, voting, and final results.

-Habibah Chbib, co-founder of Citra Style

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