Leven Rose Rosehip Oil Review

May 21, 2015

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil is 100% pure all natural and organic Rosehip oil. They are grown in the mountains of Chile free from pesticides and fertilizers to keep the plants 100% organic; they are packed in the USA. Right after harvesting, the seeds are removed and cold press, this keeps the oil in its purest form. Rosehip oil is used to treat cuticles, stretch marks (during and after pregnancy), scars, age spots, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, on hair and skin.

I have never heard of Rosehip Oil, but I am glad that I received Leven Rose Rosehip Oil for review. It’s very easy to use the oil just few drops can go a long way. This is high quality oil that really smoothes out my skin. I used it in the day and sometimes at night. It absorbs into my skin very fast without leaving behind greasy residue, even though it is oil, it’s very lightweight. Just instantly my skin is hydrated and feels healthy. It helped moisturize my skin. Even my five year old daughter loves it. I have used it on her hair; it gives it a nice shiny and healthy look. It makes her frizzy hair so soft. This is 100% Organic without GMO, parabens, and it’s unrefined. I love this oil and it will be added to my Must Have List.

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil

You can order a bottle of Leven Rose Rosehip online on Amazon. Also, sign up for Leven Rose's online newsletter for exclusive offers.

DISCLAIMER: Rosehip Oil is made from the seeds of a wild rose bush from Chile, which is more like a shrub, and very different than the roses you get for special events! Don't be surprised that it doesn't have a "rose" scent since it's not from the same plant.

I received this product for free for an unbiased review

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