Product Review From A Giveaway!

February 16, 2012

Salam sisters

I am going to review a hijab, Bijou by Hijab n Style, that I won in a giveaway contest by one of my favorite bloggers Sweet Modesty by Sadeel Allam. She was giving away three hijabs and I won this one. When I first opened the mailing box I notice how beautifully the hijab was wrapped, thanks Sadeel, so I just had to take a picture.

When I looked at the hijab I wasn't so sure how to wear it, I've never seen a hijab with three sides, yes three. Three sides with three different colors.  

You can wear it with all three colors as seen in the picture below or just two (I tried taking pictures with two colors hijab style, but for some reason the pictures wouldn't come out right).


The hijab is made of viscose material which I LOVE especially since it has been cold here in Nashville lately. Another thing I love about it, it's oblong because I hate square hijabs I feel funny in square hijabs, but that's just me. This hijab also brings color to my hijab collection.


The thing I didn't like about it, it was too wrinkle so I took out my iron to get rid of few wrinkle just few I didn't want all the wrinkles gone so the problem was SOLVED. 

So that is my input.

To read the original product review by Sweet Modesty visit Sadeel Allem's blog and don't forget to like her Facebook page

For this and more hijabs check out Hijab n Style and don't forget to like their Facebook page


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  1. Thank Hezar and I am very happy you liked it. Enjoy and again thank you for participating:-)


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