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February 24, 2012

I have been super excited to do this review, but first lets know a little about Écharpe à la Mode and the CEO, Ndaa Hassan.

Écharpe à la Mode is an online scarf boutique recently launched by Ndaa Hassan. She describes herself as a “fashion fanatic.” Now before doing this review, I had seen her blog and her collection online, and I have say she has a very cute unique style. Her collection feature varies scarves, from solid colors to multi-colored scarves. So, if you are into unique style or just regular average style well she has it. Now, let’s review some of her scarves, the Elegance (Apricot), Ocean Blue, and Berry Purple.

The Package: 
First, I must say her packaging is lovely. The scarves were wrapped in a tissue paper and she included a “Thank You” card and a business card. The overall packing was very neat that I almost didn’t want to touch so that it didn’t mess up lol. The items were sent on February 21st and I received them on February 23rd, is that a fast shipment or what?

Scarf One: Elegance (Apricot)

The first scarf is the Elegance (Apricot); it’s made of chiffon material so it has a very smooth texture. It is a delicate material so it must be hand washed. It’s a perfect size, it measures around 71 inches x 15 inches, yet it is very light so you won’t feel any weight on your head. Although, I always wear a cap underneath my scarves you don’t wear one as this scarf is not transparent. This scarf is ideal for spring. I love the print; it is so fashion like with the lipsticks, hats, ribbons, etc. it’s very interesting. Don’t you think?

Scarf Two: Ocean Blue
The second scarf is the ocean blue. Now, this one also has an interesting pattern, large and small red and blue anchors, which is very unique. It also has red and blue strips on the two sides. Ocean Blue is made of yarn and cotton and measures around 70 inches x 44 inches. Although, this is a bit of a large scarf, but you can fold it twice and it is VERY light and smooth, prefect for summer season. Even though its very light, you still won’t need a cap since it is not transparent. It also needs to be hand washed.

Scarf Three: Berry Purple
The third and final scarf is Berry Purple. Honestly, I’ve never seen this color before, but I love it and so does my husband. Of all three scarves, this is my favorite because it is made of viscose material. Viscose is used to make rayon, in other words it has a soft and smooth texture. It measures around 28 inches x 80 inches (including fringes at each end). This also has to be hand washed. I know from experience when I put one of favorite viscose scarves in the washer then dryer it came out as something else all messed up. Anyways, no washer or dryer, but hand washed. This scarf is ideal for winter and chilly seasons.

This picture doesn't do justice.

This picture doesn't do justice.

I love her collection and I would definitely recommend Écharpe à la Mode. And honestly, you are getting more then what you pay for. Écharpe à la Mode takes the extra steps to nicely and neatly wrap their scarves and ship them ASAP unlike some other sellers the item is just in its original plastic bag. If you are interested in these scarves or others check out her online store.

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