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March 11, 2012

Noor Kids
I live in America, if you don't know already and part of living in a country that isn't Muslim can be very difficult in terms of find Islamic things. The one and only thing that is at all Muslims communities through out America are mosques and local bakery selling halal meat. The average Muslim community is not as big like those in Chicago or Dearborn. So, it becomes so important to know or find out that something like Noor Kids. It's not only a benefit to us Muslims or our children, but also non-Muslims because getting educated is the key. Please read The Importance Of Education In Islam.

The Founders of Noor Kids:

When first heard of Noor Kids on Guide US TV, the first Islamic channel in North America, I was very impressed by the work the two founders, owners, and brothers, Mohammed (26) and Amin (23) Aaser, do. Noor Kids was the idea of Mohammed, he "manages the business strategy for Noor Kids. Mohammed recently graduated with a MBA from the Harvard Business School. Prior to his Master’s degree, Mohammed graduated Summa Cum Laude from University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management and majoring in Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Supply-chain Management. Mohammed currently works for a global management consulting firm out of its Minneapolis office." Amin is the author of Noor Kids. "He graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management with Honors and Distinction, majoring in Finance, Marketing, and Supply-chain Management. Amin currently works with the Corporate Development group for General Mills. He also serves on the Executive Committee for his local mosque and teaches a weekend course on religious philosophy for high school students. Amin is a blogger for Huffingtonpost Religion." MashAllah, they are such great role models for the upcoming generation, our kids.

Noor Kids via Facebook
Who are the Noor Kids?: 

Noor Kids is professionally designed activity books (28 pages published 4 times a year) for children aged 3 to 8, who are growing up in North America. Noor Kids are four main characters - AmiraAmin, Asad, and Shireen. Just look at there artwork mashAllah it's very nice. You can tell the personalty of each character by its artwork. Amira loves yellow. She doesn't mind getting dirty with paint and has a passion for fashion. Amin, obviously loves blue, he is an athlete who is brave. Asad loves green and is very smart. He looks like a scientist. And finally, there is Shireen, she is a humble photographer who loves animals, nature and red color. If you would a free sample of their book, click here.
Noor Kids via Facebook
Noor Kids is funded by Harvard University and it is competing for a spot on Walmart shelves.If they get it, inshAllah they do, it would be a huge success not only for Noor Kids, but also Muslims and non-Muslims a like. Out of 4,000 entrants Noor Kids is in the top 3. But they have to be at number one to get the spot for that to happen you guys have to vote. Please vote and get your friends and family to vote too. Here is how you can vote.

** Vote for Noor Kids online through visiting our ‘Get on the Shelf’ page
** Vote for Noor Kids through texting ’5247′ to ’383838′
** Help spread to word through sharing on facebook

Click here for more details and a press release. 

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Please subscribe to Noor Kids on their website, follow Noor Kids on their Facebook page and Twitter @NoorKids, and spread the word to your friends and family.

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