A GIVEAWAY and A SURPRISE Courtesy of www.ModestSea.com

March 13, 2012

Modest Sea

A post on Modest Sea, a GIVEAWAY (valued $140 - $300), and a SURPRISE

When I was contacted by Lori, from Modest Sea to blog about their company I was very excited. We all know that Summer is almost here so let’s prepare for it. It’s a great time to look for the perfect swimsuit. Everyone wants to go to the beach or the pool, but how can any sister go while being modest? Modest Sea Alternative Swimwear is the way to go. Looking at their website, I was not only impressed with how it is professional designed and organized, but their selection of swimsuits and how they are stylish and modest.

So, I asked Lori why they wanted to start this company.
"We actually started the Modest Sea company after realizing that there weren't many options available for women wanting to keep their modesty at the beach or pool. We didn't find the options that were available as fashionable or attractive as we thought they could be. The need for fashionable Modest swimwear gave us the idea. We presented our designers, that have been active in high fashion and swimwear for quite some time, with the need to meet this need, and they came up with our colorful and stylish collection."
The Company:

Modest Sea Alternative Swimwear is developed by an international team of swimwear designers from their studio in Bologna, Italy. Modest Sea ships around the world and in USA shipping is free of charge.

The Collection:

The swimwear collection is made of AcquaZero Fabric developed by Sitip in Italy using nano-guard technology for water-repellant swimsuit fabric. AcquaZero fabric dries very fast and is very durable. Every piece of Modest Sea collection is aim to protect you from UV rays, chlorine resistance, high breathable and superior moisture management, this helps the pieces stay light and comfortable when wet or dry. Plus, they are made of good quality material so that is last long.

They carry an amazing selection with different styles, colors, and coverage. They provide moderate to full cover swimwear that provides sun protection and impeccable style. They also have the option for you mix and match your pieces, and accessorize it. It is a great option when you want design your personal swimwear. These swimsuits are very stylish and modest, a combination that is hard to find.

My favorite piece is Lauren. It’s a full coverage swimsuit with a retro twist. This is a 3-piece set with a mini-dress over slim fitted pants with a matching head cover with the visor built-in. Take a look at their website for their complete collection. Their site is very easy to navigate.


Would you like to WIN one of their swimsuits OF YOUR CHOICE? Here is how you can win a free swimsuit from Modest Sea. Note: the more steps you follow the more points you get, however only number 2 and 6 are required

For example: If someone follows all six steps their name is place six times in the drawing jar where the person who follows one they have only one name in the drawing jar.

1. “LIKE” Stylishijabi on Facebook click here

2. Public share this picture (click here for the picture) on Facebook (NOTE: this picture must be shared as "PUBLIC" to enter) REQUIRED

3. "FOLLOW” @Stylishijabi on Twitter click here

4. Tweet this: “#ModestSea.com giveaway via @Stylishijabi #Swimsuit #Swimwear  http://stylishijabi.blogspot.com/2012/03/need-modest-swimsuit-for-summer-win-one.html ” (Copy and paste WITHOUT quotations )

5. SHARE this post one your blog and Facebook. (Use options below the dates yet above labels) Make sure this post is PUBLIC

6. “COMMENT” go to www.ModestSea.com and pick a swimsuit that you like and comment on this blogpost your opinions, ideas, and favorite swimsuit and why. You have to say why you like that swimsuit simply saying "I like Lauren Swimsuit" is not enough. Here is an example of my favorite one. REQUIRED 

I like Lauren swimsuit because the mini dress is a little bit above the knees. I am short and any mini dress at the knees or below makes me shorter. etc, etc, etc.

Inform your friends and family about ModestSea.com as it is important to find a modest swimsuit.

This competition will end in 2 weeks (03/28/2012). Come back in two weeks the winner AND another surprise for everyone will be announced on 03/29 or 03/30/2012.


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  1. I had shared this at my facebook wall. I chose Amelia Swimsuit.

    I like Amelia Swimsuit because it covers all parts of my body as requested by Islam. I really adore the simple yet attractive design and the lovely combination of colors will makes me look "WOW"...

  2. http://modestsea.com/amelia i like this one xxxxx

  3. Salam sister, i have posted the link on facebook as public (my name is Sara Chouki) and i have chosen Zoe & Sabrina. This is for many reasons..

    -The colours that are used are really fashionable and are perfect for those summer days.
    -It is really modest, all one would need to do is add some baggy bottoms and its perfectly modest.
    -I personally, would wear this as a long top over something jeans, so its multi purpose. It would completely make any outfit.
    -The colours are really bright so when one is for example swimming in the water, they would be able to be seen, if anything was to happen.
    -Really fashionable, so you can look funky while you're swimming.

    Thank you and jazakAllah khair


  4. Never heard about this company before. Thank you for this information. And thanks for stopping by and commenting on my fabric necklace. Have a great week.

  5. Mu absolute favourite swimsuit is the 'Brooke' 2 piece suit because it has such a great sporty feel to it. It looks like a real swimmers swimsuit, as opposed to the other suits which seem playful, which is just fine! The colour is perfect, the shape is perfect.

  6. Reem el-amir3/19/12, 5:13 PM

    I LOVE the Emma swim suit! I love that the tunice has a slight flare which is more flattering and less 'frumpy'. I absolutely love that the base colour is black with a hint of those lovely summery colours including orange and yellow which are my favourites. I also like that the trousers are not leggings giving them a more modest fit for a hijabi that doesn't like wearing leggings / skinny jeans! May Allah reward you for your efforts and make the path to success easy for you :)

  7. Followed in twitter as tulip8malays


    liked the page

    Shared in my facebook wall, (sayyidah nafisah) I chose Emma

    I like Emma Swimsuit because the colorful few pattern above chest is really striking me. Most of all, the design is quite rare and I like to be different.

  8. I like Amelia swimsuit

    First, the flower really catch my eyes as i see it the first time. it stands very well on black outfit. 2nd, it is also modest to be wear as muslimah, and the 3rd nowadays, rarely to see a swimsuit that followed rule of being modesty yet stylish in one go, but this swimsuit has both


  9. followed n twweted status :

    liked Stylish hijabi as rabi'atul adawiyah in FB

    and i did all


  10. ishared in fb

  11. opppppps forgot to put email


  12. assalamulaikum sister, this is a fabulous giveaway shukran! I like the Caroline swimsuit because the tunic falls just about the knee keeping it modest. I think it is pretty without drawing a lot of attention. I like that it has a visor and love the retro/nautical look. (by the way I am Fazia Mohammed on facebook) :)

  13. Salaam,
    I picked the gorgeous Emma, as it goes up to my knees, has a bit of flare, and a touch of color.
    I would love to win it Insha'a Allah!
    It is fashionable and modest at the same time!
    Jazakallah Khair.

  14. As salaamu Alaikum!!
    Wow, I love the Amelia! It's very simple, but feminine still with the gorgeous blue flower on the side. Also, I think the flower is perfectly placed for a slimming effect too. :)

    I would looooove to win one! Inshaallah my hubby and I will be going on a beach vacation without our kids for the first time ever (10+yrs married mashaallah), and I've been wondering how I'm going to be able to cover properly without looking silly.

    Definitely wouldn't look silly in one of these, mashaallah.

    Thanks for the chance to enter this giveaway!! :)

  15. I love eva's swem suit , the color its perfect , i like it the best of all of then becouse , its covering my body ,not all the way but i will look respectful whit it , and a same time i can enjoy of the feeling of the wather ... <3

  16. Asalamu 'alaykum. I like the Akelia style swimwear by modest sea because it provides full coverage and not tight fitted. I can wear this anywhere in public with family or friends without feeling that I am going short on my modesty. I love wearing blue in the summer so the blue flower on the side makes it summer stylish.

  17. I would love to win Emma which is modest and fashionable at the same time. i love the colors and the flare too.
    Jazakallah Khair!


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