The Giveaway Winner And Surprise

April 01, 2012

Salam dolls. I am so sorry for the delay. I know you guys were waiting for the giveaway winner and the surprise for awhile now. Thank you all for waiting so patiently.

If you recall there wear two requirements
(1) share a picture (1 point)
(2) comment (1 point)

Both steps were required in order to enter the giveaway. There were up to three bonus points available. The required points with the bonus points gave the total of five points. This meant that the person who has all the five points their name is entered five times whereas the person who only did the required steps has their name entered twice. All the names of the participate were put into a glass bowl for the drawing.

And the winner is Lanea. Congratulation Lanea, you are the winner of Amelia modest swimsuit courtesy of Modest Sea. The giveaway has to be claimed with 24 hours if not then there will be another drawing.


I wish I could giveaway each and every one of you guys a giveaway but there can only be one winner. HOWEVER, everyone will be getting a 20% discount using this code (507090) at the checkout. This code is only valid for 2 weeks, so get your swimsuit before it expires.

After choosing the swimwear, and adding it to their “bag”, they should proceed to checkout. In this stage, users that are not connected yet should open a user. It is required to have a user in order to make a purchase. After logging in and choosing a shipping and payment methods, they will get to this screen (picture below)

 Once you entered the code and click "UPDATE SUBTOTAL" you will be able to see the discount.

I hope you guys take advantage of this discount.

BIG THANKS to Lori from Modest Sea for this giveaway and the surprise.

Again I apologize for the delay of the announcement.

Enjoy dolls

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