DESSANGE Paris Oleo Miracle Collection Review

March 11, 2015


Jacques Dessange opened his first salon in Paris in 1954 on the prestigious Champs-Elysees. DESSANGE Paris instantly it became a luxury French brand and the Official Hairstylist at the Cannes Film Festival. Today, DESSANGE Paris remains the number one luxury hair care brand in the world. Recently launched in the US, DESSANGE Paris is bringing the luxury salon techniques to the homes of women everywhere.  DESSANGE Paris includes four collections ( Oleo Miracle, Salon Color Restore, Solar Blonde Naturale, California Blonde) for color restoration, shine enhancement, and manageability. DESSANGE Paris hair care collection is available exclusively at Target.

I recently received full sized Oleo Miracle collection complimentary from Influenster for review. I’m very excited to be using the Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner, and Replenishing Oil on my hair because every three or four months I color my hair so it’s really suffered from the chemical of the hair dye. It has become very frizzy, dry and damaged. Prior to coloring my hair, my hair very sleek and shiny I never had to use a conditioner as it added more shine to my hair; however, now even deep and leave-in conditioners don't help. I used the shampoo and the conditioner and immediately I felt the change throughout my hair. The conditioner detangled my hair and it became really soft without leaving any oily residue. I also applied two dime sized drops of the Replenishing Oil to my dried hair to give it that extra shine and softness. I have only used it twice and I know someone of you may think that that's not long enough but I saw improvements just after one use. I am not saying you will see change right away, but I did. I would defiantly recommend this product.

          Replenishing Shampoo ($9.99) – DESSANGE Paris’ first shampoo infused with micro-drops of precious oils, the lightweight formula offers supreme nourishment to hair without weighing it down.
          Replenishing Conditioner ($9.99) - The second step to the Oleo Miracle ritual, this shine-boosting conditioner helps repair the external layer of the hair’s fiber for healthier, restored strands.
          Replenishing Oil ($11.99) - With just a few drops, this leave-in treatment nourishes dry, damaged hair without leaving a greasy residue.

          Color Protecting Shampoo ($9.99) - A  shampoo that defends and helps protect hair to maintain its beautiful color.
         Color Protecting Conditioner ($9.99) - A detangling conditioner that helps restore the hair fiber for a smooth and shiny texture.
          Top Coat Serum ($11.99) - This is a leave-in treatment with pro-vitamin B5 and anti-oxidant helps protect and preserve the beauty of colored hair.

        Lightening Shampoo ($9.99) - This illuminating shampoo that softens and nourishes natural blonde hair.
        Lightening Conditioner ($9.99) - This conditioner works to infuse hair with moisture, bolstering healthy, smooth strands that gradually lighten over time.
        Lightening Gelée ($11.99) - This is a leave-in treatment provides an at-home solution to naturally highlight hair. The comb applicator allows precise application to create a variety of sun-kissed looks. Lightness can be increased with hear from the sun.
         Lightening Sun Spray ($11.99) - This is another leave-in treatment that is intensified by heat exposure from the sun, this all-over serum works to lighten blonde hair progressively with each use for a gradual summer blonde look.

         Illuminating Shampoo ($9.99) - This is a brightening shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes hair to enhance shine, color radiance and softness .
         Illuminating Conditioner ($9.99) - This is a ultra-nourishing conditioner wraps hair with moisture from root to tip for a smooth hair.
        Brass Color Correcting Crème ($11.99) - A weekly in-shower treatment formulated with Linseed oil and blue pigments to neutralize brassiness and nourish the hair.
        Illuminating Elixer ($11.99) - The leave-in gel treatment offers a dose of healthy shine and moisture, illuminating color-treated blonde hair.

You can buy the collection you want at Target.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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