Young Living Essential Oils

April 22, 2015

Essential oils are oils extracted from aromatic plants. They have been used for a very long time for medicine, religious ceremonies, perfumes and cosmetics products such as lotions, bathing products and more. Here are three of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils.

Tea Tree Essential Oil
The first essential oil I used is tea tree oil also known as melaleuca alternifolia. It is used for healing scars and stretch marks to beautify the skin. I used it on my cuticles on my hands and toes. I notice it also kept my fingers and toes moist longer and healthier. I also heard it can be used for minor burns, however; thankfully I have never come to the need to use it for that reason.

Lavender Essential Oil 
I find lavender essential oil very therapeutic.  Just a few drops of this oil in bath water would be great for relaxing. Another tip is using few drops onto a dryer sheet to enhance the scent and deodorize laundry. It can also be used to enhance the flavor of food.

Spearmint Essential Oil 
Who doesn't like the smell of spearmint? It has a minty, slightly fruity scent yet softer than peppermint. Spearmint, also known as menthe spicata, is a rich antioxidant that helps support the respiratory and nervous systems. It can also be use to enhance the flavor of food.

There are many other essentials oils that Young Living offers. Finding the right one can be fun as most of the oils can be used for aromatherapy, food, laundry, or a simple nice scent as you enter your house.

Do you have a favorite essential oil? Comment below. Don't forget to share.

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