Organizing Your Scarves

January 07, 2012

For a long time I had my hijabs in the chest drawer. They were all so stuffed that I forgot I had few of them once I saw them. So I decided to give you guys few ideas of how to organize your hijabs and have them within reach and of course have them wrinkle free. Here are four ideas.

My first pick is the Brallis Hanger from Ikea. This hanger hangs many hijabs.

My second pick is the Komplement Multi-use hanger also from Ikea.

My third pick is the shower curtain rings. Each ring can hold one scarf, but you can put many rings on the simple hanger that we all have in our closet.

My final pick is simple everyday hangers which are the most convent since we all have them. 

I hope you guys like these ideas and let me know what you guys think. Don't forget to comment and share.

Disclaimer: These pictures do not belong to Stylishijabi blogger.

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  1. Very good post:) love the last one:-)

  2. Wow, i like the first pick. The Brallis hanger.. Thank you for this post sis :)
    By the way sis, I just changed my blog address from norhajjar to take care..


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