Sisters, Go To The Beach With Aquaini - Love For Leisure

January 10, 2012

The idea of women going to the beach doesn’t give a picture of modestly dressed women. For a long time, people were told or shown that beaches are only to be enjoyed if you were dressed immodestly. Well sisters, it is time to change that so go to the beach with Aquaini and enjoy it.

Aquaini – Love for Leisure, is a company based in UK which was started by two Muslimahs. They have designed Aquaini not only for Muslimahs but also for non-Muslims who wish to protect themselves from UV rays that causes skin cancer, it is also waterproof and of course, you’ll never be in need of sun block or chemical creams.

Aquaini is a two piece swimwear set with the hood attached to the top piece so that is doesn’t fall off while you’re in the water. The top piece is also attached to bottom piece by button string which means the attachment is adjustable as seen in the photo. Aquaini is loose so that you don’t feel or look like you are stuffed in the swimwear and best of all your body shape is covered modestly. The top piece is also long enough to cover your backside yet short to enjoy being in the water. This is you the modest coverage all the way around. You can wear Aquaini to the beach, pool, or even in a Jacuzzi. I have seen burkini online by other designers but they didn’t top Aquaini. When I first looked at their site and their Facebook page I loved it and had blog about it.

Aquaini costs 40 Euros (GBP). They come in blue/black and pink/black sizing from small to extra-extra large. Check Aquaini’s website and support them by joining their Facebook page.

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  1. I always see these aquainis (burkinis) and the sort online. I have always wanted to buy one but I am 100% sure I will be too shy to wear it out into the water.

    Anyway just stumbled across your page and love what you do with it! :)

  2. @HalaalPepperoni

    There is a first time for everything :).


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