Essentials for Every Hijabi

January 24, 2012

Here is a post that I have been struggling with. About a week ago, I was trying to sleep, but couldn't and out of no where this idea comes to my mind, a list of all things a hjabi should have. There may be some things that should be added to this list that I have missed so please share since sharing is caring lol.

The first item on the list is a hijab and not just any color but specifically black because it goes with everything. For sisters who don't wear hijabs read The Top Ten Excuses of Muslim Women Who Don't Wear Hijaab and Their Obvious Weakness by Dr. Huwayda Ismaeel.

Under Scarves or Headbands
Some hijabs just don't stay still even with pins always use an under scarf or headband to keep the hijab in place and preventing it from moving. There are some lace headbands that I  have seen some sisters wear above a solid headband just to add style to it. Why not give that a try?

Arm Cover
Arm covers come in handy when you have a shirt or a dress that has short or quarter sleeves. Arm covers are useful in the summer when you don't want to wear multi layers of clothing just to be modest. Note that I have arm covers and I have notice that they are good only for forearms and not the whole arm.

Long Sleeves Shirts
There is always a dress or a shirt that you'll love but it doesn't have sleeves so you'll need a long sleeve shirt. They may be crew neck, but mock necks shirt come in handy too when you want a specific style of hijab that might show your neck, mock neck is a great way of covering up your bare neck.

Detachable Top
I have to say this is my favorite piece, a detachable top. Its a great way of covering your chest area and  not having to wear a shirt underneath.
Primadhirana Islamic Collection 
Do I need to say anything about pins? They are by all means very useful. Regular pins hold your scarves in place and pearl pins are great in preventing holds and tears in your hijab.
                   Al Hannah Islamic Clothing                   Al Hannah Islamic Clothing

There is my list of things every hijabi should have. Did I miss something? Don't forget to share it. :).

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  1. Salam sis, I think you've enumerated everything. :) and we can also add accessories like brooch to hold the scarf in place at the chest area.

    Much love, The Hijaber's Index

  2. @Norhajjar

    Using the brooch is a great idea because covering that area is important and stylish so thanks for mentioning that

  3. Awesome post! Loving' the detachable top!

  4. @Sweet Modesty

    Thanks sis...I forgot to post the one from Haute Hijab for a different look lol


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